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How long will someone lose their license after a Texas DWI?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | DWI

It is illegal for someone in Texas to get behind the wheel when they know that their alcohol consumption has an impaired their ability to drive safely. The law also makes it illegal for someone to drive when their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over a set limit, regardless of whether they feel impaired or not.

Police officers arrest people during traffic stops and after collisions because they suspect that a motorist has committed a driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense. Many motorists accused of impairment at the wheel plead guilty because they believe that doing so will minimize their personal consequences.

However, they leave themselves at the mercy of the courts regarding their sentencing and consign themselves to a future saddled with a criminal record. They will also have to make alternate arrangements for personal transportation because they will lose their driving privileges.

Someone’s history determines the penalties

Each DWI charge is different, and the state looks at someone’s driving history and the circumstances at the time of their arrest to establish what penalties should apply to the situation. The first time someone pleads guilty to a DWI charge in Texas or gets convicted in court, they could lose their license for up to a year.

The minimum suspension will usually be for at least 90 days. A second offense will double the penalties, meaning someone will lose their license for at least 180 days and could go two years without their driving privileges. Certain factors can also add to the license suspension period. Those with minors in the vehicle will face felony charges and will lose their license for an additional 180 days. If someone has a commercial driver’s license, they may become ineligible to drive commercially even if a DWI arrest occurs when they are in their own vehicle.

Losing a license is more than frustrating

Some people dismiss license suspension as a temporary irritation or inconvenience. However, not having reliable transportation can cause challenges for someone’s entire family and put their career at risk. It can also drastically increase the cost of basic daily obligations, like buying groceries or attending a doctor’s appointment.

For those accused of a DWI, only a successful defense strategy eliminates the risk of losing driving privileges. Understanding the likely penalties of a conviction will help people to respond to a recent DWI arrest in Texas in more informed ways.