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The Compassionate Legal Guidance You Need At A Difficult Time

The need to end a marriage is something that many couples never expect to face. When the decision to divorce becomes a reality, a mountain of financial detail, fragile emotions and uncertain futures are in play.

If your imminent divorce has divided loved ones and caused emotional harm to your children, you could benefit from the attention and compassion of an experienced divorce lawyer.

I am attorney Steve Ashley. For decades, I have helped people in Odessa and the surrounding communities protect what they love and resolve their legal issues.

Work One-On-One With A Skilled Texas Divorce Attorney

As the founder and principal of Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, I fully understand the Texas statutes that apply to your divorce case. I am versatile enough to capably handle any uncontested, contested or high-asset divorce in Texas. I have successfully assisted divorcing clients from all walks of life.

I will tell you frankly what your options are and work directly with you throughout your divorce. Your wishes, goals and hopes for the future are very important. We will discuss how we can achieve these while understanding the realistic assessment of your chances and options for success. I will work with you to attain positive results. I offer tenacious advocacy inside and outside of the courtroom.

The Importance Of Preparation

I believe in the value of detailed preparation for your new phase of your life. I understand that in many cases there is more than one way to resolve the issue. I therefore offer mediation services, as well as skilled negotiation and litigation when your case warrants it.

The fastest way to get results is to the work required to reach a consensus. In many instances, if you can “keep your eye on the prize” and put your differences aside, you will find an acceptable resolution.

How I Can Help

With so many years of successful experience, I can readily offer the facts you need about Texas support calculations and create plans for parenting time that keep both parents involved.

I am dedicated to finding the best interest of the child when it comes to divorce, custody and support issues. I work with you to provide thoughtful recommendations on child access alternatives and child support. I can also help if and when modifications are needed. Come to me for guidance with:

  1. Child custody arrangements
  2. Alimony/ spousal support
  3. Property division
  4. Mediation
  5. Modifications to plans

Get The Answers You Need To Move Forward

Are you seeking a dignified end to your relationship, one that sets a tone for cooperation in coming years? Are you fearful that your financial investment in your marriage will be lost? For these and any other divorce-related concerns, give me call at 432-363-5904 or email me to arrange your initial consultation.