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Aggressive Legal Advocacy For Injured Victims Of Accidents Caused By Negligence

If a sudden, violent motor vehicle accident, Texas oilfield injury accident or construction accident caused you to be hospitalized and out of work — or claimed the life of a loved one in a case of wrongful death — you have rights that must be protected.

I am Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, and as an experienced Odessa personal injury attorney I work hard to safeguard those interests for you and your family every day.

What I Will Do For You

After an accident, you need to be heard. The insurance adjusters may try to persuade you that your injuries are not as bad as you think. They may want to say that you feel better than you do. But the truth is, you are in your body 24/7. You know when something hurts or isn’t right.

So, the first thing I do is listen carefully as you describe events leading up to your accident. I conduct in-depth research and investigation of your claim to identify the negligent party, and use the facts of your case to negotiate a fair settlement with insurers. If these discussions break down, or you are not offered acceptable compensation, I will not hesitate to provide a strong voice for your goals during aggressive litigation.

Pursuing The Maximum Financial Compensation You Deserve

Are you struggling with burdens of lost wages, medical bills and the cost of replacing your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle? Will a back, neck or spinal cord injury prevent you from returning to a job, and to a full life ever again? Did you lose a child, parent or spouse in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence? Then talk to a personal injury professional as soon as possible to know your rights.

I will work one-on-one with you to attain an outcome that reflects every one of your losses, including physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. The contingency fee basis for these quality legal services means that you owe me nothing — no attorney fee — unless I win a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Get A Free Injury Consultation

As the firm principal, I have a unique flexibility that many other firm attorneys do not. I can come to your home or hospital room for a free personal injury consultation if your injury prevents you from traveling. Call today: 432-363-5904. I respond promptly to email messages.