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Protecting Your Rights And Texas Driver’s License Against DWI Charges

Nothing good can come of police stopping you on suspicion of drunk driving. Suddenly all kinds of rights and privileges are at risk. Not only is your Texas driver’s license in jeopardy, and your mobile lifestyle along with it; you could also land in jail, be subject to heavy fines and wind up with a criminal record if you caused an accident while driving drunk.

To put this crisis behind you, you need an experienced DWI defense attorney in your corner who knows how to discredit police accounts, give voice to your version and generally advocate for your interests at every stage of the legal process.

I am attorney Steve Ashley, the principal at Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law. I serve DWI clients in Odessa and surrounding areas.

How I Can Help

When it comes to criminal charges such as a Texas DWI, not all attorneys are created equal. At my firm, you will not be passed off to a junior associate or paralegal but instead work one-on-one with me from start to finish.

I offer:

  • Highly skilled arrest investigation
  • Strong advocacy that highlights the factors that work in your favor
  • Skilled and experienced negotiation on your behalf with prosecutors
  • Proven litigation skills
  • A track record of success

Results-Driven Drunk Driving Defense

So many things can go awry before, during and after a DWI stop. Hazardous roads, dangerous weather, existing physical limitations or a malfunction with your vehicle could produce erratic driving that law enforcement may mistake for drunk driving.

Breath test equipment can wear out or be defective. You may have been taking a prescription drug for a pre-existing medical condition. If it is possible to discredit those who arrested you, I will do so. You can have complete confidence that your rights are being protected, start to finish.

An Attorney Who Shows Up

Were you charged with refusing a breath or blood test? Is this your second or third drunk driving charge? Are you driving with a suspended or revoked license? Have you been accused of leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run)? For these and any other DWI-related matters, I am here for you.

Email me or call 432-363-5904 to find out how I can help you put DWI charges behind you.