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The Guidance Needed To Resolve Your Family Law Issue

As a legal practice area, family law in Texas and the U.S. has become as sprawling as changes in the family unit.

Couples marry and divorce. Children must be cared for, financial support arrangements made. Ownership of marital assets can cause a dispute. Settlement agreements must be revised to reflect sudden, substantial changes in circumstance. Loved ones grow families through adoption. The list of wishes, goals and priorities goes on and on.

The Compassion, Support And Experience You Need

When a legal matter arising within your family sends your life in unexpected directions, the advice and support of a skilled, compassionate family law attorney is essential.

I am Odessa attorney Steve Ashley. I offer you the personal attention and advocacy you need to get you past these struggles and move forward to a brighter future.

I understand how to achieve positive results in divorce issues, post-judgment adjustments, differences over child custody and visitation, the role of grandparent rights in child access, and failures of a former spouse to live up to responsibilities in a divorce agreement.

Protection For Your Family, Finances And Future

Some issues require a courtroom and a judge for resolution. Other matters can be alternatively resolved.

Thinking about mediation as a way to resolve your dispute? Mediation is a good option for those who:

  1. Want a path that is less expensive and less stressful than a courtroom
  2. Want a voice in property division
  3. Are willing to work with their ex to find a custody plan that works
  4. Are out of a job and worried about paying child support

Get The Peace Of Mind You Need

As the principal of Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, I will advise you and advocate for you. I am happy to answer any questions you have about divorce, family law or how mediation works. You can email my office or call 432-363-5904 to move forward and start living the life that waits for you.