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Mediation: The Less Expensive, Less Stressful Path To Resolution Of Your Legal Dispute

Litigating an outcome to a commercial or civil dispute costs money — and takes an emotional toll as well. All too often, both sides wind up losers in court.

There has to be a better way. Many times, there is. This approach is called mediation.

As a seasoned mediator and the principal of Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, I offer my skills to bring together both sides of a question, locate common ground and exploit that consensus toward a settlement that pleases all involved.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Your introduction to the legal system may have begun with a civil case: A serious accident, personal injury, contentious divorce, probate dispute over a contested will, a lawsuit against a business partner or competitor, or differences over a boundary with a neighbor. Mediation is different because I do not act as one party’s attorney. Instead, am the catalyst for both parties finding a mutually agreeable resolution.

Mediation of quarrels like these encourages the free exchange of ideas, which can lead to honest reactions, thoughtful recommendations and honest assessments that could put this dispute behind you. The role our lawyer plays is essential to an outcome you can be proud of.

Decades Of Mediation Experience

With years of experience and a track record of success that is recognized throughout the region, I know how important it is to first listen carefully to both sides. It is also crucial to act swiftly on what I learn and to promote settlements that leave everyone involved feeling like a winner.

As your mediator, I will:

  • Conduct intensive research into both sides of a dispute
  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Take an active role in discussions designed to have a positive impact

Get Effective Issue Resolution

Stop investing so much expense, emotion and energy in a dispute that may only serve to drain your family’s or company’s resources in court. Work with a mediator who has the skills and experience necessary to resolve your issue efficiently. Call me, Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, in Odessa, Texas, at 432-363-5904 or email me.