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What not to do at a DWI stop in Texas

Getting pulled over at a DWI stop can be confusing and anxiety-inducing, especially if you’ve never encountered law enforcement at a traffic stop before. It helps to remain calm and avoid saying or doing anything that might worsen the situation. Furthermore, you...

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Your BAC may not drop as fast as you think

How long do you assume that it takes to get sober after you’ve been drinking? Many people are unaware of how fast their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) actually goes down. They may think that they will be sober enough to drive if they just spend half an hour...

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Can you do anything to get sober faster?

If you’ve been drinking, you may know that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over the legal limit and that it would be dangerous to drive. You also know that doing so would create the potential for a drunk driving arrest. Most drivers can be cited for driving...

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How much will a Texas DWI actually cost you?

Many people respond to an arrest for a driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense by immediately pleading guilty. Even when they claim that there was an issue with the breath test or otherwise maintain their innocence, they may plead guilty because they assume that they...

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