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Aggressive, Full-Service Criminal Defense Representation In Odessa

Life after a criminal conviction in state or federal court is not a pretty picture.

Being found guilty of a drug crime, violent crime, sex crime or theft diminishes your rights, curtails your freedoms and clouds your future. Harsh punishments that await you include imprisonment, substantial fines that drain your bank accounts, a criminal record and strict probation or parole conditions upon your release.

Get Skilled, Proven And Compassionate Help

Ensure that your rights are protected, contact me, firm principal Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, immediately.

I have the experience and track record to effectively create strategy, negotiate and litigate. You can be confident that your matter is handled in a competent and efficient manner during this challenging time.

A Skilled Adviser And Advocate — When You Need One Most

There are specific ways to investigate the circumstances of your arrest for a DWI or any other Texas criminal offense. In drug crime cases, the Fourth Amendment provides protection against the violation of your rights by law enforcement. I will look carefully into the possibility that an example of mistaken identity or self-defense played a role in assault charges against you. Just because your fingerprints or property are at the scene of the crime does not mean you were there when the crime happened.

I can help with many types of criminal defense matters, including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Assault charges
  • Drug possession charges
  • Drunk driving and DWI charges
  • Alleged embezzlement of a business partner

Get Skilled Legal Counsel

Contact me, Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, in Odessa to schedule a free initial consultation. The sooner you call the better it is for your case as prosecutors may be building a case against you even as you read this. Call 432-363-5904 for immediate assistance or send an email message, and I will respond promptly.