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Are You Requesting Or Contesting A Post-Judgment Modification Of Your Texas Divorce Agreement?

Because of the many emergencies and adjustments that life can demand of us, no divorce is ever really “final.” Children grow up, jobs change and so can the health of either parent. It’s not uncommon for Texas parents to seek revisions to their Texas divorce decree.

A corporate downsize, change in the economy or market can cause a significant change in finances. Some parents find that they need to relocate for any number of reasons. Whatever the situation, if you need a post-judgment modification to child custody, child support or spousal support responsibilities in Texas, I can help.

I am Odessa family law attorney Steve Ashley. As the principal of Steve Ashley, Attorney at Law, I am here to resolve family law, marriage dissolution and modification issues for people like you.

Personal, Experienced Modification Service

I work one-on-one with each of my clients to fully understand what result you need. Being receptive to your goals and responsive to your wishes are an important part of what sets my practice apart.

Medical care for a serious personal injury can be very expensive and can impact even the most carefully planned budgets. I recognize that noncustodial payers of support may have to seek employment outside the state. I work with you to find a resolution that works. Personal commitment means I respond with attention and advocacy, start to finish.

Your Post-Divorce Guidance And Support

Are you being transferred to another state by instructions from the military or your employer? Are you concerned with how a parental relocation would impact access to your child or children? Are you skeptical of a former spouse’s intent in requesting a relocation?

Different situations call for different approaches. I will mediate, negotiate or litigate the conclusion of your modification matter.

Take Your Next Best Step

We know that it is crucial to keep families together, and in most cases for both parents to play prominent roles in a child’s upbringing. This belief shines through in every custody and visitation legal service I perform for you. Let me tell you what can be done and how I can help. Email me about your situation or call to set up an initial consultation: 432-363-5904.