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Looking Out For Your Child’s Financial Well-Being

In Texas, parents are required to financially support their children. It does not matter whether you are an unmarried parent or are divorced, it is your duty to pay child support if the child does not live with you most of the time.

Child support agreements identify how much each parent needs to pay each month. I am Steve Ashley, and at Ashley Law Firm, I can help you negotiate for fair terms that promote your child’s financial well-being. I have a deep understanding of the laws and guidelines that determine the amount each parent owes in the Midland area of Texas.

Let me put my knowledge to work for you. Talk to me for free about your family law concerns. You can email or call my Odessa office to arrange an appointment.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

The noncustodial parent, the parent who has visitation rights, is responsible for paying child support to the custodial parent, the parent who cares for the child the majority of the time. Because the custodial parent is responsible for housing, feeding and tending to the child, this parent receives financial support to pay for these and other expenses.

There are many factors that judges use to determine the noncustodial’s monthly payments that the noncustodial parent. These factors include:

  • The noncustodial parent’s monthly income after taxes, which includes disability payments, salary, pension and other sources of income
  • The number of children receiving child support
  • Any special needs the children have, which can include fees for school and extracurricular activities

Child support guidelines establish the minimum amount a parent is responsible for paying. Judges can increase this amount if a parent presents a strong argument regarding a child’s special needs.

Before a child support order can go into effect, a judge needs to approve the terms in the agreement. I have practiced family law for years, so I am familiar with the arguments that judges find convincing. I am qualified to negotiate for you or defend your side in court.

What Can I Do If My Ex Will Not Pay Child Support?

When finances are tight, it is not uncommon for parents to skip paying child support. If your ex has missed one or several payments, talk to me.

It may be tempting to withhold visitation from your ex, but you cannot do this. The court can punish you for disobeying your custody agreement and create more legal headaches for you.

I can help you take legal steps to receive back support. I have successfully represented countless families throughout Odessa and the surrounding areas. I can help you too.

Speak With An Understanding Attorney

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