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Protecting Your Parenting Rights

As a parent, your children mean everything to you. If you are going through a divorce, the thought of sharing custody with your ex after your family breakup can be gut-wrenching. Getting favorable custody terms can help you protect your parenting rights.

You do not need to handle custody negotiations alone. Contact me, Steve Ashley, to get the skilled and compassionate representation you deserve. I have substantial experience with complicated family law issues, and I want to help you.

I offer free initial consultations, so you do not need to worry about legal fees to learn about your options. Please email or call 432-363-5904 to reach my Odessa office today.

How Do Texas Laws Divide Custody?

In Texas, these are the two types of custody that parents can receive:

  • Conservatorship: This type of custody gives parenting rights and duties. These responsibilities often include making decisions about the child’s upbringing, health care options and other important considerations. One parent can be granted sole managing conservatorship or both parents can share decision-making rights. This shared custody is called “joint managing conservatorship.”
  • Possession and access: This type of custody refers to physical custody and visitation rights. In Texas, parents can follow possession schedules that identify when children will live with each parent or they can create their own schedule.

Texas family laws can be hard to understand if you do not have a legal background. As your lawyer, I will give you honest advice about your options. I will explain what your rights are and help you protect them. I will make it my mission to get a custody agreement that you deserve.

Helping You When Your Life Changes After Divorce

Life changes in unexpected ways after a divorce. In Texas, parents can change the terms of their custody agreement to address these changes. This type of revision is called a “custody modification.”

I have represented countless parents throughout the Midland area of Texas in modification matters. I can help you take the appropriate steps to ensure that you receive a court order for your revisions.

It is important to get this court order. If your child’s parent refuses to obey the terms of your agreement, the court can penalize the parent who does not follow the order. Without a court-approved custody order, the court will not act.

Get A Strong Ally In Your Corner

You do not need to face custody negotiations alone. I am here and ready to represent you. Please contact Ashley Law Firm to learn how I can assist you with this and any other family law matter. You can reach me online or over the phone at 432-363-5904.