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Failing a breath test does not ensure a DWI conviction

When a police officer pulls you over because they suspect chemical impairment, they will ask you questions and possibly even have you exit the vehicle for a field sobriety test. When the statement you make or your performance on a test gives a police officer probable...

How drunk driving rules are stricter for people with CDLs

For some people, having a driver's license isn't just about convenience. It is their primary source of income. Those who drive for a living typically require special licenses and additional insurance when compared with the average driver. When you get your commercial...

Newly arriving in Texas? DWI laws may be different here

If you have just moved to Texas, you may want to get acquainted with all of the laws within the state. They could be different from the state you used to live in, and you want to find out about those differences in advance. Below, we’ll consider a few things regarding...

Can I lose my job if I am convicted of a DWI?

Getting into legal trouble, even for something that didn't hurt anyone, like driving while under the influence (DWI), can affect many areas of your life. Getting arrested has social consequences and financial repercussions. A criminal conviction or guilty plea could...